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CIS scheme assistance

Expert assistance with the CIS scheme in Bournemouth

At Stephenson and Co, we can explain to you the CIS scheme (the Construction Industry Subcontractor scheme), as we understand it can be quite confusing if you haven’t had to comply with it before. If you’re in or around Bournemouth, call a member of our team for more information. 

Why choose Stephenson and Co in Bournemouth to help you?

Our dedicated team of staff are fully up-to-date with all the newest industry regulations regarding the Construction Industry Subcontractor Scheme or CIS. 

CIS is run by HM Revenue and Customs and it regulates payments from contractors to subcontractors in the building industry - we provide expert knowledge and advice regarding CIS, throughout Bournemouth and further afield. To make your enquiries about this scheme, contact us today.

CIS scheme

What we offer:

  • Expert guidance and advice regarding CIS
  • Easy explanation of CIS
  • Friendly and approachable staff at all times
  • A quality payroll and company secretarial service
We also offer accountancy services


Make sure you get registered properly!

Make sure you are registered properly or you could incur financial penalties! 

Trust our team at Stephenson and Co, based in Bournemouth, and working the wider regions to give you sound advice. Call us to discuss your needs. 

Don't make the mistake of ignoring the rules you need to comply with. Contact us today for help! Call Stephenson and Co on: 01202 769 881

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