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Expert tax preparation assistance in Bournemouth

At Stephenson and Co, we offer both personal and corporate tax services to our varying customers in and around Bournemouth. With a wealth of experience choose Stephenson & Co to deal with all your tax needs.

Whatever your tax needs, we have you covered

Tax accounting is much more than filing your return and paying your liability on time. Taxation legislation is constantly evolving and our dedicated team at Stephenson and Co deals exclusively with any personal tax and corporate tax issues you may have. 

Want us to help you to plan your tax affairs to minimise tax liabilities? We can plan your tax needs in a manner to suit your personal or corporate requirements. 

To find out in more detail how we can help you with your tax affairs, contact our team today!

tax advice

Our tax advice can be about:

  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • VAT
  • Inheritance tax
We can also provide you with expert guidance on the CIS scheme
expert team

Experienced team

By employing the experienced team of tax experts at Stephenson and Co, you can be reassured that you'll receive the correct advice - with new tax developments taken into consideration. If you’re in or around Bournemouth, contact a member of our team to book our services. 
For tax preparation, you need a tax accountant you can trust. If you’re in Bournemouth, call: 01202 769 881

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